Don’t Throw Away Your Bed

Bugs in bed Finding bugs in your bed can be terrifying for a homeowner who is familiar with bed bugs, because they are known to be extremely difficult to eradicate. Friends will tell you that the only real solution is to discard your bedding, but this is impractical and often doesn’t work in eliminating bed bugs, as they can be in adjacent upholstered furniture and box springs.

Before you throw away your mattress and bedside furniture, consider calling the professionals at EnviroCon Termite & Pest. At EnviroCon, we can get rid of bed bugs with a thermal eradication process that generally takes only one service – saving thousands of dollars on furniture that you would have to throw away. Using an application of high heat, we kill bed bugs at all life stages, ensuring they don’t come back. Typical treatments can leave behind unhatched eggs, causing the reoccurrence of bed bugs months down the line. We stand by our service for up to ninety days after treatment, so you know that we are completely certain that our treatment works to kill bed bugs for good. Call EnviroCon Termite & Pest for an estimate on our services.

Our secret weapon for sniffing out bed bugs is Duke, our bed bug dog. If our technicians can’t detect bed bugs visually, Duke can supply secondary confirmation with his expert nose. If you experience bites but can’t confirm the presence of bed bugs, ask for Duke and we will conduct a thorough, canine inspection.

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